TTIG’s HelpDesk


Our Helpdesk is a central piece of a larger IT Management structure for our clients. The IT Helpdesk delivers end-user solutions which are part of a cohesive support environment that is integrated into our Purchasing, Infrastructure Management, Best Practices and Knowledge Retention functions. The job of the Helpdesk is to ensure timely contact with client and expedient resolution of the issue in sync with the rest of the current system infrastructure that is in place.

Onboard Process

Proficient IT Support Vendors such as TTIG offer many ways to request assistance from our Helpdesk. Our clients can reach our IT Helpdesk by email, phone, website, sms, and chat. All trouble tickets are immediately reviewed, assessed, and assigned to the the appropriate IT engineer. Throughout the life of the issue, a supervisor is also assigned to ensure compliance with procedure and timeliness of resolution.


AssessmentThe Helpdesk Supervisor evaluates the needs of each user and the issue at hand with the understanding of the operating environment of the user’s network and his/her past history. No issue and no ticket is ever a stand alone items for us. The Helpdesk Supervisor evaluates the IT service need of each user in relation to the entire network. Our approach to everything and anything we do for our clients: “Always evaluate every issue Globally.”


Once an accurate understanding of the issue is achieved, TTIG Helpdesk Manager assigns the task to the appropriate engineer with the appropriate knowledge base and event history, making the resolution path cohesive, well planned, and understood.

Client Contact

Throughout the entire resolution process our Helpdesk staff, managers and engineers, stay in contact with the end-user and other appropriate client staff to ensure that the IT requests are well understood and the solution timeline is agreed upon. TTIG Helpdesk is designed to bring a reliable, consistent, and expedient answer to our clients’ IT services needs.

Time TrackerSLA

Without a time-frame for the communication and solution process that is set and understood by the end-user and the our staff, no success can be achieved. One of our critical success factors for the entire client relationship is the speed of Helpdesk solutions and the consistency of communication during that process. Our Service Level Agreements (SLA) assist us and the client to fulfill client expectations in minutes, not hours or days.


Years of experience, planning, and research allows us to have a well documented wealth of knowledge on a very large pool of issues and problems. In addition to technical solutions knowledge base, our research function documents and develops custom knowledge base for each process that our clients need in their IT operations. This allows our engineers and managers to become deeply familiar with client infrastructure and process needs. Consequently when the Helpdesk delivers issue and ticket resolutions, they tend to take less time, be more reliable and more in tune with the rest of the client’s IT network and systems.


The TTIG IT Helpdesk is staffed by Managers that oversee compliance with timelines of SLA, proper execution of policies and knowledge base, and timely communication with clients. Managers serve as points of escalation when clients need additional assistance. Our managers have personal relationships with Clients’ management and staff. Our personal approach to IT Systems Management is a critical success factor to delivering a comprehensive solution that allows our Clients to know that they are taken care of technically and systemically.