New Vulnerabilities That Concern YOU!

Some interesting new vulnerabilities have been released in the past few weeks, today’s post is regarding the most widespread issues effecting almost all users.

The news to typical users is the fact that you are in harms way in more ways than you thought.

Image Files can actually infect and make your machine susceptible

  • Any application that parses TIFF, PNG, *MF – could potentially be an attack vector
  • Viewing images that are infected gets opens you up – its that simple
  • Do not open suspicious email attachments as they may contain one of these potential attacks

What does this mean to you?

That by not downloading the most current security updates for your Windows XP machine, you are putting your computer at risk for potentially huge Virus infections and system – leaving you and your system wide open.

Apply Patches ASAP – workarounds that limit GDIplus.dll could cause headaches, to say the least.

Fire up Internet Explorer and head over to:

Our clients who are enjoying ongoing maintenance services are up to date,  and as always clients on the Managed Protection plans were protected considerably before the vulnerability was ever publicly disclosed.

Technobabble bellow – if you need to be sure you’re getting the right updates.

Listed below are the Critical Security Updates provided by Microsoft

  • GDI+ WMF Integer Overflow Vulnerability – CVE-2009-2500
  • GDI+ PNG Heap Overflow Vulnerability – CVE-2009-2501
  • GDI+ TIFF Buffer Overflow Vulnerability – CVE-2009-2502
  • GDI+ TIFF Memory Corruption Vulnerability – CVE-2009-2503
  • GDI+ .NET API Vulnerability – CVE-2009-2504
  • GDI+ PNG Integer Overflow Vulnerability – CVE-2009-3126
  • Memory Corruption Vulnerability – CVE-2009-2528
  • Office BMP Integer Overflow Vulnerability – CVE-2009-2518

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