Long-Term Care Facilities & SNFs

Long-Term Care Facilities and Skilled Nursing Homes

Healthcare is increasing its reliance on computer software and hardware. Long term nursing facilities are experiencing increasing regulation of data security and IT process, and a rising number of operators are implementing a complete IT operations and support plan. The Tech Info Group has extensive experience in developing, implementing, and maintaining, not only the IT infrastructure of nursing facilities, but comprehensive IT plans that comply with:

  • Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPPA)

Far beyond compliance, we understand the critical 24-hour nature of nursing home operations and are perfectly poised to support all IT processes in that environment. Long Term Care Facilities depend heavily on software packages that maintain their medical assessments and billing information; this is not new to us. We have many years of experience supporting a variety of nursing home computer support packages, that include:

  • AccuCare Support Clinical Software
  • QuickCare Support Clinical Software
  • Keane Care Support Products

Our understanding of MDS 3.0 requirements and the nursing home operational environment provides operators and administrators the assurance that their IT infrastructure is always performing at stable levels, with built-in redundancy, and is optimized for data security and compliance.

For more information on Long Term Care Facility billing software and a comprehensive IT assessment, please contact our Health Care IT Services Specialists at 866.459.3998.