Logic is our differantiator

Logic Is Our Differentiator

We practice a proven approach to arriving at solutions through logical deduction, analysis, and complete understanding. Since computer systems are all built on logic, don’t you want your IT team to be logical, thoughtful, and thorough? To be part of our team, logical thinking is a selection pre-requisite.

Why Do We Emphasize Logic

Logic is a theory of consequence relations, of valid inferences. Modern information system components, whether software or hardware, are designed by engineers to follow predetermined series of procedures, logical scripts. Individually, the scripts at their basic level are binary, yes and no statements, 0 and 1 choices for the computer to make. In a typical network, however, these series of choices are convoluted because there are very many of them and their continuous interaction creates a great number of potential outcomes.
Let us take a look at all the components that are designed by different teams of engineers and that are continuously interacting within even the simplest of networks:

Typical Hardware

  • Motherboard of each PC
  • Non-Integrated Video Card of each PC
  • Non-Integrated Sound Card of each PC
  • Non-Integrated Network Card of each PC
  • Controllers of each PC
  • Memory of each PC
  • Power Supply of each PC
  • Hard Drives of each PC
  • Other Drives (Optical, USB,…) of each PC
  • Network or USB/Serial Port Printers
  • Network or USB Scanners
  • Un-iterruptible Power Supply for each PC
  • External Drives and Other Data Storage
  • Network Routers
  • Network Switches
  • Network Modems
  • Network Hardware Firewalls (Sonicwall, Sisco,…)
  • Network Cabling

Typical Software

  • Operating System (Windows X)
  • Hardware Device Drivers (Multiple)
  • Anti-Virus
  • PDF Reader (Adobe)
  • PDF Maker (Adobe)
  • Printer Software
  • Scanner Software
  • Un-Interpretable Power Supply software
  • Office Productivity Software with Email Client(Microsoft Office)
  • Local Backup Software
  • Accounting Software (Quickbooks)
  • Video Encoders and Players (Quicktime)
  • Picture Viewers
  • Internet Browsers
  • Server Active Directory
  • Server Domain Controller
  • Much more…
Behind the interaction of all of these components are the working of logical interactions that could seem illogical because of the magnitude of these interactions and the number of iterations of the scripts.


We have found that experience is insufficient to efficiently and successfully resolve typical network conflicts on a regular perpetual basis. The reason is that because new programs are released continiously, new components are made continuously, it is impossible to have experience even with 70% of the network problems.
On the other hand, our experience shows that network engineers that do not have years of hands on and theoretical experience will not be efficient, nor effective in resolving conflicts with logic alone.

The Perfect Engineer

We have thus formed a process that joins superior reasoning skills and aptitude with years of experience able to consistently provide our clients with most appropriate and efficient solutions. Our Logic / Experience formula is unique and yields superior results.

Helpdesk – Our Helpdesk teams are staffed with the most intelligent and experienced engineers in the IT Support industry.

  • Corporate Computer Networking (including VPN, SSH, RDP)
  • Hardware Component
  • Microsoft Products
  • Cisco Products
  • Server Management
  • Server Implementation
  • Exchange Implementation
  • Operating System Troubleshooting
  • Cloud Computing

Higher Tier Support – Higher tier support engineers are proficient in:

  • IP Telephony
  • IP PBX Support
  • IP PBX Implementation
  • Network Routing
  • Virtualization of Servers (VMWare, CXI)
  • Data Center Replication