How Important is Having a Reliable IT Support Provider?

How much do you rely on your network and related technology?  If the answer is:  “I can’t live without it” then look no further. Dozens of organizations rely on our around the clock monitoring and response service to maintain maximum uptime of their critical infrastructure.

Can Your Organization Afford Interruption of IT Systems?

The answer to this question is an obvious, NO, because even if the interruption does not cause a catastrophic loss of business, clients, employees, or other important stakeholders, at a minimum, it means loss of revenue. Why do we ask the rhetorical question?
Our point is that the Opportunity Cost of downtime caused by poor IT support is far greater than most business owners and managers contemplate.

Roger Sessions, a noted author and expert on complexity, wrote a white paper, The IT Complexity Crisis: Danger and Opportunity.” He describes that IT failure costs the worldwide economy $6.2 trillion per year or $500 billion per month, with a predominant cost going toward the opportunity cost, or the money that could have been made. Chances are that your organization is an active contributor to that huge number, as is almost every entity.

Our Goal – Stability and Predictability!

Organizations that value their revenue stream (opportunity cost) more than the IT expenditures have historically benefited from much larger profitability, holding other factors constant. Taking into consideration the amount of revenue that could be lost from unnecessary downtime allows us to tailor the most appropriate system to ensure a desired balance between IT costs and acceptable downtime thresholds.

At all levels of our IT support design, we take into account that our clients need to achieve system stability and predictability. To that end, we utilize the following techniques to ensure that your IT system downtime potential is properly balanced with your opportunity cost:
  • 24 / 7 Monitoring:
    • Servers
    • Workstations
    • Managed Routers and Switches
    • Internet Connections
  • Daily Verification of:
    • Backup Completion
    • Backup Integrity and Completeness
    • Anti-Virus Updates
  • Scheduled Patching
    • Operating Systems
    • Other Programs
  • Scheduled Maintenance
    • Server
    • Workstation
  • Alert Notifications
    • Failure Alerts
    • Potential Failure Alerts
  • Reporting
    • System State Reporting
    • Troubleshooting Reporting
    • Asset and Inventory Reporting
    • Complete History of Work
  • Remote Support and Troubleshooting
  • On-Site Support and Troubleshooting
  • Asset and Inventory Log
We are here to ensure that you can always rely on your IT system to perpetuate your enterprise and your operations.