mobile security

How Secure Is Your Smartphone?

Smartphones have become a necessity. Many more people are using their mobile device for more than calling, texting and social media. Nowadays, professionals are sending work emails, updating documents and presentation, setting up meetings with their smartphones. For any growing or developing company it is necessary to have a reliable and secure smartphone for work.…

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Natalie Tarp
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Google vs Office 365

Office 365 or Google Apps for Work?

Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365 have earned their place at the top of the list for dependability, simplicity, and affordability. Business are highly depending on applications and email hosting services for productivity. Having your own email domain demonstrates professionalism and having a full range of applications helps your business operations run smoothly. …

e-waste landfills

Where Does E-Waste End Up?

One of the realities of life in the digital age is the presence of E-waste. Computers, printers, fax machines, mobile phones, and other electronic devices are here to stay. They also break, become obsolete or redundant, and need to be replaced for a number of reasons. What happens to them once they’ve been discarded? Even…

Steve Jobs Looking Into Future of Tech in 1990 – RAW Video

We, at The Tech Info Group love technology. We support it, we use it, we make it our business to help others to use it. We, however, do not create it. Therefore, we wanted to bring you some perspective from the people who create the technology. This particular video is of Steve Jobs giving his ideas…

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High Price of IT Downtime

The High Price of Computer Network Downtime

In a startling and recent report from IHS, researchers discovered that information and communication technology (ICT) downtime could be costing North American companies as much as $700 billion every year. The report details the cost, length, frequency and causes of ICT downtime such as failed servers, network outages, application or degradation’s could get exponentially more…


Ransomware Hits the U.S. Congress: Are You Protected?

Cybercrime attacks do not have biases, preferences or limitations. On May 10th, 2016, various news media outlets reported that the United States Congress had been the latest target of ransomware, a certain type of cybercrime attack that executes malicious code and holds data hostage until a monetary demand is satisfied. Details about the ransomware attack…


Breaking Down The Myths About The Cloud

Moving to the cloud has become a trend. More business owners are transferring their intellectual data from physical hard drives to a cloud storage platform, like Office 365. But there are many misconceptions still floating around the internet that has a few business owners holding back from migrating to the cloud. We touch on a few myths that small…


TTIG’s HelpDesk

Our Helpdesk is a central piece of a larger IT Management structure for our clients. The IT Helpdesk delivers end-user solutions which are part of a cohesive support environment that is integrated into our Purchasing, Infrastructure Management, Best Practices and Knowledge Retention functions. The job of the Helpdesk is to ensure timely contact with client and…

Security Shield

TTIG vs. Computer Viruses

Over 16 million households across the United States are faced with serious computer viruses every 2 years. The accumulated costs associated with these viruses exceed $4.55 billion dollars in prevention and repair costs, so it is no wonder why people are eagerly searching for ways to recover from a computer virus. Completely eradicating malware and…