Google Keep Adds More Functionality on Version 3

Now that Google Keep has been around for about a year, the Palo Alto company has really gotten serious about competing with major players in the task management arena. Apps such as Evernote and came to the scene earlier and were full of features. However, Google Keep, as Google always does, has been steadily increasing […]

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Is Your Company ready for a Computer Failure?

According to IT support professionals, computer threats, whether they are the result of a physical/network malfunction or a cyber hacker, are real threats that must be properly addressed by companies. Unfortunately though, while research states that many businesses will suffer from a computer or IT disaster, countless numbers of companies do not have adequate emergency […]

Why Your Business Should Seriously Consider Using a VPN

Nowadays, with all of the security issues that arise from employees working from home and other remote locations, it makes complete sense to seriously consider utilizing a Virtual Private Network or VPN.  However, what exactly is a VPN anyways?  Well, IT consulting companies state that a VPN is simply a group of computers or laptops […]

How to Choose the Right IT Cloud Vendor for Your Business

Today, more and more businesses are wisely realizing the power of the cloud. That said, how do you go about finding the best IT support cloud vendor for your business?  After all, you will trust this company to store all of your important company data.  Thus, if you choose to partner with an unscrupulous company, […]

Should Small Businesses use Cloud Computing?

Without a doubt, cloud computing is becoming increasingly more popular. In fact, leading IT Support firms project that the market for Cloud Computing will grow at an annual rate of 21.6% to become an almost $30 billion market by the year 2014. As such, many small businesses are choosing to replace their traditional IT infrastructure with cloud […]

IT Support Services Best Practice

 IT Support Services Best Practice   It is important that IT services implement and follow best practice guidelines to ensure that technical support and maintenance are seamless and effective. Technicians usually do not require a guide to walk them through actual installation, support and maintenance of a network or computing systems. However, by creating and […]

IT Consulting Tip: Why Your Business Should Take Security Seriously

In today’s business world, IT support consultants stress the importance of protecting your company from potential online threats. After all, in the last five years alone, US federal auditors noted that the number of online security breaches grew from 5,503 in the year 2006 to well over 41,770 in 2010.  A more specific example, when […]

IT Consulting Tip: Want to Avoid Identity Theft? Choose Your Password Wisely

Passwords – love them or hate them – IT service professionals agree that they are extremely important when it comes to protecting your personal information from identity theft. Without a doubt, if your password gets into the hands of someone with less than desirable intentions, you are definitely in trouble.   After all, IT consulting […]

Should you Choose an IT Consulting Company Based on Price Alone?

While it may be tempting to go with the lowest bidder when it comes to choosing an IT consulting company, this choice is definitely not a wise one. Initially, the lower cost provider may seem like a good deal; however, in most situations working with a cheaper IT consulting company can end up costing your […]

Top 3 Ways to Back-up Your Data

Have you ever thought about what may happen to all your important computer data in the case of a fire, flood, or storm? What about if your laptop is lost or stolen or otherwise compromised? In any case, as the average lifespan of a hard drive is only approximately five years, it is extremely important […]