Industries – IT Business Management

As a Los Angeles-based business management consultancy, we have, and are currently, providing clients from a broad spectrum of industries with their own government regulations, common- and statutory laws, compliance practices and -standards. As such, we understand these various constituencies and are able to provide industry-specific solutions that enable our clients to meet their unique needs from a business technology point of view. industries

The industries we have experience in serving include:

Having experience in providing comprehensive business management service packages to enterprises in these individual industries gives the team at TTIG an edge over our competitors. It allows us to evaluate each business on its own merits and provide a tailor-made service that fits it to a T. Some of the factors we bear in mind when compiling these packages, include:

    • The type of information that will be contained within your network.
    • The various regulations, best practice standards and company policies that influence access rules and other security settings.
    • Your specific needs with regard to data storage, internet access rules and data pathway planning.
    • Your client base, their expectations of your company and how this relates to your in-office IT network.