Internal Security

We take your corporate security very seriously. In fast paced environment of technological change that the 21st century has brought, data vulnerability has an enormous and growing threat to every organization no matter the size. The risks of either losing the data or having it in the “open” are fundamental to the very existence of the organization. With every type of hacker now prowling the internet, from our neighbors to government sponsored hacking enterprises, we are now in an era of extensive financial, trade, and personal vulnerability.

The Tech Info Group, LLC has the means and the expertise to optimize your business technology security to the level that is most appropriate for your enterprise. We can start your protection with best practices that will give you a reasonable level of protection against most expected intrusions. Of course, some businesses need extensive security arrangements because of the sensitivity of their data. In these situations, we can assist with host based security monitoring that allows much greater barriers.  Of course, the data that you give us access to is always protected on our end through multi-layered password accesses and very strong encryption.

Furthermore, corporate policies are in place to protect your interests and data security. We have a wide ranging experience in multiple industries with unique data security requirements including healthcare, financial advisory, internet based businesses, and others.