Thought Before Action – IT Consulting


Our business organization is based on the best master school case studies that create structures for success. Our management team set up operational teams are the Helpdesk to guarantee that each client works with a talented group of IT specialists that together share knowledge and experience with each client’s infrastructure. Yet, not team is overwhelmed because of the finite scope of each team’s workload. Each team has a supervisor and several levels of skill’s specific experts. This allows the teams to have a centralized work-flow and a decentralized idea creation. Thus the benefits the client derives can not be replicated in other work environments.

Shared Client Specific Knowledge
Shared Knowledge Via Team
Consistent Solutions
Team-Managed Policies
Timely Solutions
Supervisor Managed Workflow
Idea Creation
Team Shares Expertise / Knowledge
We are Always Working for the Client
Process-Flow is Never Dependent on One Person
Immediate Response Times
IT Engineers are Always Available to Assist with Targeted Knowledge – Team
Excellent Customer Service
No Middlemen, Our Clients Talk Directly to Their IT Team


How Is Thought Before Action Acheived?

There is a reason that only 1 out of 5 IT projects is deemed to be successful by the client. According to US budget, 66% of IT projects were considered “at-risk” in 2009, a staggering figure. According to Roger Sessions, a noted author and expert on complexity, the culprit is increased complexity, increased functionality, and deeper interactions between systems. We now working in a business environment where even small business networks are complex enough to demand planning, foresight, forethought, and a project management attitude toward almost any solution.

Project Management for Helpdesk

This is the attitude and a process by which we organize our work-flow and our Helpdesk. We approach every solution as a process to be planned, monitored, executed according to a schematic, and supervised by a manager. Our process concludes with a quality assurance assessment of every task on the Helpdesk. This approach is a very robust solution to the complexity problems that now exist. Other IT providers use a project planning and execution process only for large projects. We, at TTIG, have incorporated it in our daily function.

The results speak for themselves. Our client attrition rate is extremely low is mostly due to changes in client’s business. We have doubled in size every year for the past 3 years. The benefits of planning and managing every task can not be understated for clients that have a serious and large opportunity cost to IT network inefficiency and downtime.

Every task / solution is delivered in compliance with our SLA
Our response time governs how fast each new request is addressed. No waiting, no surprises
Simple solutions are delivered as efficiently as complex ones
No waiting for simple or complex solution. We dedicated enough resources to each solutiuon based on its complexitiy, thereby producing equal speed of resolution on all requests

TTIG’s Optimized Process Flow
Because our process flow is optimized we are able to provide optimized solution delivery to our clients
Optimization of IT Network
Client networks are optimized because we have a customized plan for each network, making clients’ networks work efficiently – Reduced downtime and increased operational tempo
TTIG Redundancy
We go to great length to ensure that we always have redundancy at our Helpdesk, among the teams to ensure compliance with SLA / Response time policies
Client Redundancy
Our Managed Services and Total Care systems ensure that we setup, configure, and administer redundancy systems for all our clients to protect their:

  • Data
  • Network Security
  • Operational Integrity
  • Efficiency Expectations
  • Network Stability (LAN and WAN)
  • Web Operations