Project Management Services

At The Tech Info Group, LLC, we offer a global approach to managing business technology. We provide a better alternative than a “limited scope” consultant who is unable to provide proper integration due to the limitations of the consulting role, thereby increasing costs and negating the benefits of employing consultants for I.T. projects. That is why we provide our clients with project management services that integrate all pertinent internal and external components, thereby allowing for the most efficient operating environment.

Our systems allow the clients to always be aware of the status and performance of all projects and to make continuous input. Our comprehensive approach enables our clients to have all the capability of a full IT Department without having to pay for one.

projectmanagementservices We understand the importance of execution; and that delivering your project on time, on budget, and with superior quality are the factors that will determine the success of your business and separate you from your competition.

Aligned Incentives

We are experts in the wide range of technology fields with vast experience, so who better to manage and negotiate projects better than us, as our incentives are exactly aligned with yours. When you engage with us on a project, we’re not looking to up up-sell you on consulting, market analysis, or any other business services. Our only goal on your projects is to manage them effectively and deliver the desired results.


All TTIG project managers are full time employees. This is one of our founding principles and it serves two key purposes. First, you’re getting someone that we have invested in ourselves. Here again, our incentives are exactly aligned with yours. Additionally, it allows us to truly hold a Project Manager accountable for performance and reward them for excellence.

Vendor Management

It is just as important to communicate with your suppliers and vendors as it is to communicate with your customers. Establishing the proper communication channels and information flows between you and your suppliers can lead to increased efficiencies, reduced costs and better customer service.

IT Product Purchasing

All of your IT buying is handled by a team of savvy IT engineers saving you money and time by purchasing exactly what you need at savings that can only be achieved by longtime relationships with quality vendors. We pass the savings on to you by never adding a single penny to the cost.