Managed Host Based Security

Managed Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (MHIPS) levels the playing field in the battle against cybercrime. By combining best-in-breed technology with 24 x 7 monitoring we provide a new level of defense against computer viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, and other malware.

    • Advanced security protection for workstations and servers
    • Security managed by dedicated information security professionals
    • Alerts IT staff to information security events and vulnerabilities
    • Frees IT staff to focus on the productivity of your business

Our managed security system for workstations and servers (Managed Host Intrusion Prevention System) provides a comprehensive information security solution tailored to your organization’s unique environment. Our combination of an industry-leading antivirus engine, cutting-edge intrusion prevention software and round-the-clock event monitoring is how we secure your computers against hacker attacks and malicious software such as viruses and trojans. We have the capability and expertise to detect and stop attacks in real-time. In addition, our managed security service helps your organization’s IT staff close security holes, including elusive software bugs and vulnerable Windows configurations.

Advanced Security Protection for Workstations and Servers

    • Industry-leading protection against viruses, Trojan Horses, other malicious software, 0-day exploits and direct hacker attacks from the internet
    • Cutting-edge intrusion prevention software detects and blocks attacks in real-time
    • Industry-unique system scanning alerts IT staff to insecure configurations, missing patches and other basic vulnerabilities

MHIPS Provides Demonstrably Better Technology

    • A recent SearchSecurity review found MHIPS security protection to be superior to its competitors in the following ways:
    • Our solution is the only solution reviewed that successfully prevents 0-day client attacks designed to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities in application software like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Citrix, Quicktime, Flash, etc. These are currently the most prevalent type of cyberattack.
    • Our solution is the only one reviewed that provides reports on system-level vulnerabilities such as insecure configurations, missing patches and other basic vulnerabilities.

Security Monitored 24 x 7 by Dedicated Information Security Professionals

    • We custom configure MHIPS to your unique IT and business needs.
    • We provide round-the-clock security monitoring of your workstations and servers, blocking and detecting attacks in real time and alerting your IT staff to security incidents.
    • Our team of information security professionals has the leadership, experience and training to stay on top of today’s rapidly evolving security threats.
    • TTIG monitors and secures other companies just like yours so we can see and respond to attacks targeted to your industry.
    • Other solution providers provide product technical support. TTIG provides true managed information security management support. We become your outsourced security partner.

Alerts IT Staff to Information Security Events and Vulnerabilities

    • We notify IT staff of important information security events so they can take action to keep your network hacker-free.
    • We provide IT staff with detailed weekly reports of attacks and vulnerabilities.
    • Our information security professionals are always available to help IT staff analyze incidents and reports. This increases the security of your network and increases the productivity of IT staff.
    • Allows IT Staff to Focus on the Productivity of Your Business.
    • IT staff no longer has to manage an anti-virus product. We manage MHIPS for them.
    • IT staff can focus time, attention and their technical expertise on what you most need them to do: leverage IT to support your business and organizational objectives.

Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity

    • TTIG’s MHIPS solution costs considerably less than full-time information security staff while providing the same level of support
    • We provide IT staff with detailed weekly reports of attacks and vulnerabilities.
    • Lowers allocated costs of IT staff responding to security incidents
    • Reduces lost staff productivity from security incidents
    • Reduces exposure to loss of brand value and to legal costs, fines and penalties resulting from security incidents

Our goal is to help you focus on your business and your life, secure in the knowledge that the workstations and servers on which you rely to run your business are protected by world-class security professionals using world-class security technology.