IT Support for Small Business

Our team-based approach ensures that each of our clients is assigned a dedicated team. Our teams of highly-talented, multi-skilled IT professionals are always there to address all the operating technology issues of the client's business. Each team of engineers has an in-depth understanding of the entire operation, as well as the IT network environment. This approach allows us to meticulously plan everything we do for the client as opposed to doing patchwork that will create costly conflicts later. We offer organized and completely integrated IT helpdesk solution coupled with Managed IT Services that monitors the client’s network environment around the clock .

Holistic Approach

The best way to keep networking environments optimized is to integrate both the team and the managed services platform to seamlessly perform proactive maintenance, continuous monitoring, and extremely responsive troubleshooting. The key to achieving this level of integration is communication. Our systems constantly communicate and update our Helpdesk Teams on the status of the networks that we support. Our helpdesk teams, on the other hand, proactively maintain the health of the system by performing preventative support, implementing best practices, and updating processes to include the latest tools.


TTIG's IT engineers are very unique individuals due to our one of a kind selection process that brings in not just capable trouble-shooters, but extremely logical experts with a mix of reasoning, experience, and thirst for technology knowledge. This approach allows our clients to benefit from our ability to support them in whatever technology path they need us to take them on.

For more information about our levels of experts see Logic Is Our Differentiator page.

Supported Platforms and Environments

Network Environment

  • Microsoft OS
  • Microsoft Server OS
  • Linux Server OS
  • Apple OS
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)
  • Citrix Virtualization
  • Citrix Server
  • VMWare Virtualization
  • ESX and ESXI Virtualization

Mobile Platforms

  • Apple IOS
  • Blackberry OS
  • Android OS
  • Windows Mobile OS

Supported Platforms

  • Servers
    • Virtual Servers
      • Xen
      • VCenter
    • Data
    • Exchange / Mail
    • BES
    • Apache
    • Domain Controller
    • Domains
    • Web Servers
    • Replication and Backup
    • VOIP Servers (IP PBX)
      • Asterisk
      • Fonality Trixbox
      • 3CX
      • Microsoft Lync
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptop PCs
  • Tablet PCs
  • Mobile Phones
  • Networking Platforms
    • Cisco
    • Sonicwall
    • Juniper
    • XRoads
    • Watchguard
    • Fortigate
    • Netscreen
While the scope of the supported platforms and environments keeps growing, our clients can rest assured our operating model can advance their technology needs. Our team based approach with levels of escalation texperts with deep proficiency in most prevelant technology fields can ensure that support and projects that our clients need is guaranteed. Our practice scope includes major categories of support in:
  • Office Networking / Multi-Office Connectivity
  • Operating System Support
  • Network Administration
  • Networking and Switching
  • Server Implementation and Management
  • IP Telephony Routing

Industry Specialization

Over the years, our consulting and support divisions have grown in complexity and depth of industry specialization, enabling us to establish specialized industry teams. While the basic equipment can be similar among different industries, the methodology, software applications, and the use of technology varies drastically. In order to provide customizable support and to establish in-depth proficiency within each industry, we have dedicated additional resources to heavy users of specialized technology.
The list of industries that receive additional investment of research and training from our teams can be found on the Industries page.
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