Separating Work and Personal Email

work email separate

Think twice before sending an email from your work email account. Some employees tend to use their work emails for personal use. Such practice can be quite dangerous for the employer and the employee. Here’s why:

Many Work Email Accounts are Monitored

Learning to separate work life from personal life can be a challenge, specially if most of your time is spent at work. Nowadays, email has become a much preferable form of communication at home and work. Most of us even have our work email on our cell phone because even after hours, we are working. BUT! We should not use our work email addresses for personal emails because many employers monitor our work emails. An employees personal information is at risk, one can easily have our life exposed. To keep the workplace professional and your personal life private, we should not mix them.

The Spam Epidemic

Spam Laws reported that more than 14.5 billion daily email message contain spam in them. The messages account for almost half (45 percent) of all emails. Once spammers get hold of an email address, they tend to submit it to software programs that continue to spam the recipient. A workplace email address can easily become a victim of a ferocious spam bombing attack which may compromise the workplace and your job.


Hacking is a horrid incident that happens frequently in the workplace. The term hacking refers to what happens when someone gets hold of passwords and usernames and then bombards an account. The person usually does something malicious to it such as tripping up the work system or extracting monies or personal information. Digital Shadows disclosed in a report that more than 5 million usernames and passwords have been stolen, and that those incidents resulted in account breaches. The companies that were hurt by the breaches were some of the most prominent companies in the nation. Such breaches costed those organizations thousands if not millions of dollars.

Hackers have a wide variety of strategies. One of the most common strategies is to send an email with a clickable “time bomb” in it. The recipient has no idea that such a time bomb is going to explode and expose the company’s internal system. It just happens, and before the company knows it, the internal system has ingested something harmful.

Final Thought
The world of personal life and work should not mix because it can cause serious problems for all parties involved. Using a personal email for social media accounts and other uses is the most ideal solution for both the employee and employer. Before using your work email to log into online websites that are not work related, think about the risks you run and the company. Work emails should be used solely for work purposes.