Long-Term Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities IT Services

Why Chose TTIG to Provide Your IT Network Management and Support?

computer_20with_20stethoscope.originalThe Tech Info Group helps Long Term Nursing Facility Operators meet HIPAA and HITECH electronic data compliance standards. Nursing facilities care a great deal about separating data between departments, minimum downtime – especially for the medical billing departments, and onsite response to make sure the facilities are fully operational. We know that and we excel at at monitoring all the right criteria to ensure up-time performance, availability of staff to support your needs, and proper system design to ensure proper data access rules.

    • We Reduce Your IT Support Costs & Increase System Performance
      • We Are Skilled at Delivering IT Support to Multiple Locations
        • We Unify Your Network and Build Layers of Access Controls
          • We Centralize and Streamline Your Computer Network
            • We Standardize Your IT Operation
              • With TTIG You Can Achieve Greater System Stability
                • Your Staff Will Not Have to Wait For Us – We Are Proactive
                  • We Know Nursing Home Networks

We know how to keep your business operations running smoothly and we make it look easy!

Centralized Computing for Nursing Facility Operators

TTIG is a leader in providing IT System stability and optimization in Long Term Care Facility computing. Our approach simplifies user’s experience, reduces owner’s costs in support and lost employee hours, and adds tremendous capability in business operations.

    • Users Experience the Data Center Speeds from Any Workstation in Any Location
      • Centralization of All Data Allows for Efficient Data Handling
        • Superior Data Access Control by Departments, by Users, by Function, and by Authority
          (i.e. Medical Records or Payroll Only Accessible by Authorized Personnel)
            • Custom Cross Departmental User Policy Enforcement
              • Custom Web, Chat, Application, Access Controls
                • and Much More….

Industry Applications and Systems

Far beyond compliance, we understand the critical 24-hour nature of nursing home operations and are perfectly positioned to support all IT processes in that environment. Long Term Care Facilities depend heavily on software packages that maintain their medical assessments and billing information; this is not new to us. We have many years of experience supporting a variety of nursing home computer support packages, that include:

    • AccuCare Support Clinical Software
      • QuickCare Support Clinical Software
        • Keane Care Support Products
          • Matrix Care by MDI Achieve
            • Point Click Care
              • LTC by American HealthTech
                • LTC Nurse Call System

Our understanding of MDS 3.0 requirements and the nursing home operational environment provides operators and administrators the assurance that their IT infrastructure is always performing at stable levels, with built-in redundancy, and is optimized for data security and compliance.

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