Orange County IT Support Service

Orange County IT Support and Orange County IT Consulting Coverage MapAt TTIG, we are committed to delivering the most effective and efficient computer and IT support services. Our Orange County practice has implemented systems and policies that focus on and enforce proactive maintenance in order to maintain the most efficient and stable IT network to our clients. We provide comprehensive Managed Services of IT Networks, allowing our clients to know exactly how their networks will perform and at what cost. Guaranteed Stability with No Surprises!

TTIG Spotlight: Cohesive Outsourced IT Department

The one quality that makes a true Managed Services Provider (MSP) live up to its name, is integration. The nature of an IT department whether it is an internal one or an outsourced one, is that it can only be effective if all of its sub-departments function in complete coordination. If such cohesiveness does not exist, then the service delivery can not be sufficient for the end-user to appreciate seamless operation of the Information Systems.

Considering that a typical IT department has multiple functions, each with its own subset of moving parts, made up of people, processes, and technological systems, it makes sense that coordination of all of these parts is a supremely important task. To achieve such high degree of coordination requires a complete devotion to rock solid process design and adherence by all stakeholders associated with these processes.

Many industries are faced with similar process challenges, not only IT services. A few companies have set the benchmark for delivering excellent results in such industries through dedication of great attention and focus of their company culture on systemic excellence. Boeing, as an example, one such organization that is known for delivering great systemic results in airline safety through complete dedication to the design and adherence of the extensive and complete checklists for all of their processes. Boeing has been a frontrunner in this functions and has contributed greatly in assisting other industries and research organizations in making similar process innovations. Industries such as health care, in areas of surgery and emergency medicine, as well as defense, have greatly benefited from this innovation.

TTIG Processes and Checklist Design

Not only do we spend a great deal of time researching process innovation from research institutions and leading companies such as Boeing, our technical staff at TTIG spend a great deal of effort and thought on the application of the process improvement internally. This is done with the understanding, that winning our clients’ trust and their business is not just a one time transaction, but a daily obligation to which we must live up to.

Hence, TTIG teams have processes for every aspect of our operations. Here are some of examples:

Ticket System Performance

  • SLA standards for contacting clients timely at all points of IT solutions delivery
  • Documented responses to clients
  • Documented timeline of all communication
  • Escalation process for advanced issues
  • Response time standards for escalation
  • Security standards enforcement
  • Ticket flow monitoring by management
  • Password policy enforcement
  • Knowledge based integration with tickets
  • Knowledge transfer documentation on each ticket among staff and management

Backup Systems Performance

  • Backup process SLA
  • Backup success confirmation
  • Backup file restore testing
  • Backup appropriateness analysis
  • Backup cost vs. result analysis

Proactive Monitoring and Management Systems

  • Delivery of patch management process
  • Third party management process
  • Server monitoring and alerting policies
  • Workstation monitoring and alerting policies
  • Network devices monitoring and alerting policies
  • Automatic script delivery monitoring and policy adherence
  • Fault reporting processes and escalation
  • Fault correction policies enforcement

Optimum Troubleshooting Guides

  • MS Windows Server – hundreds of configuration and troubleshooting guides
  • Citrix – configuration and troubleshooting guides
  • Workstations – hundreds of typical error guides
  • Routers – configurations and troubleshooting guides
  • Managed Switches – configurations and troubleshooting guides
  • Network and Local Printers – troubleshooting guides
  • Voip Phones – configurations and troubleshooting guides
  • Network Attached Storage Devices – best practices and configuration guides
  • Office 365 – best practices and troubleshooting guides
  • Google Apps – best practices and troubleshooting guides

Service Delivery Standards

  • Onsite Visit checklists
  • Minimum equipment standards
  • Client communication standards and policies
  • Proper chain of command and authorization level for all work orders from the client

Client Specific Process Documentation – all clients have their own processes for doing their jobs. We continuously document and adhere to these processes in order to align the expectations of the client and their Information Systems.

Ultimately, TTIG is a system designed to continuously learn, grow and adapt to the changes that are required for it to be as successful as it can in delivering a result that end-users can rely on a continuous basis.