New York City IT Consulting and IT Support

New York City IT Support and New York City IT Consulting Coverage MapNew York City’s businesses have very specific requirements for their IT consulting and IT support needs. The degree to which businesses rely on their IT infrastructure and consequently IT support teams demands a high level of performance producing maximum up-time of the entire IT network. TTIG specializes not only being there for our clients around the clock and with minutes of the need, but also in proactive monitoring and maintenance. Business success through IT network stability and predictability!

TTIG Spotlight: Infrastructure Management

How do you achieve that 99.9999% uptime threshold for your business? The answer lies within the constant management of your infrastructure. IT Infrastructure Management is a living and breathing thing that requires constant maintenance and involvement, without it things disintegrate and break down. The Infrastructure Management Team at TTIG works through the following systems to provide clients the uptime they need to operate.

Ticket Trend Reviews

Our systems generate reports on ticket trends for networks. These reports provide an insight into what users are actually experiencing on the IT front. These tickets also bring to the surface issues that those users may have learned to deal with instead of reporting. Ticket trend reports are crucial to reducing the time users spend dealing with IT issues instead of doing their job.

Those reports are reviewed by upper tier engineers who create solutions to reduce or completely eliminate these issues. The solutions are presented to decision makers during quarterly meetings giving them both the information about what their users are experiencing and the objective advice on the options to fix them

Monitoring Alert Trends

System monitoring creates a great top level overview of systems. Our engineers are constantly reviewing trends IT systems – even when nothing is wrong! These trends help us in helping prevent issues before they become user facing.

Proactive Involvement

TTIG approach for successfully managing IT systems revolved around proactive involvement. It is our stance that no network should run without the oversight of qualified engineers. TTIG offers a Managed Services model that allows our engineers to spend as much time as possible proactively to reduce the need for reactive crisis mitigation. Whether you are running Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 or Citrix Xenapp, the proactive involvement is what will keep your networks humming along.