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Feb, 04 2013

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Dec, 21 2012

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Oct, 23 2012

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Oct, 05 2012

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Aug, 16 2012

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Aug, 07 2012

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Jul, 27 2012

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Jun, 11 2012

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May, 30 2012

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Apr, 02 2012

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Mar, 27 2012

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Mar, 19 2012

  Accidental IT Worker - Does Your Office Have One?  

Mar, 15 2012

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Dec, 01 2011

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Oct, 31 2011

  Benefits of Using IT Support Company on a Flat Rate  

Oct, 24 2011

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Sep, 09 2011

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Sep, 08 2011

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Sep, 07 2011

  vSphere 5 Is VMware's Jump into Data Storage Virtualization  

Aug, 17 2011

  Bomgar Analysis and Review at TTIG  

Jul, 22 2011

  What Do You Know About Your Backup?  

Jul, 22 2011

  Geopolitical Inputs Into Cloud Computing Decision  

Mar, 08 2011

  A Popular Hosting Company, Codero, is Attacked With a DDoS From China  

Feb, 13 2011

  Stuxnet. A War Among Nations – Why Should IT Managers Care?  

Aug, 11 2010

  AT&T and Verizon Design New Payment System to Compete with Credit Cards  

Jul, 11 2010

  Will The Perfect Citizen Protect?  

Jul, 04 2010

  Copper T1 Is One Way To Go, Microwave Wireless Is Another!  

Jun, 24 2010

  Don't Jump for the iPhone 4 Until You Look At Droid X  

Jun, 20 2010

  Google Apps Market Place  

Jun, 09 2010

  Microsoft and Adobe Release Critical Security Patches  

Feb, 08 2010

  Annoying explorer.exe taking up CPU fix  

Feb, 07 2010

  Biggest Mistakes Companies Make in Selecting an IT Provider or IT Company  

Jan, 26 2010

  Google Chrome Is Fast and Now Has Bookmark Sync and Extensions  

Jan, 26 2010

  Cyber Warfare Is Here - What Does That Mean For You?  

Jan, 25 2010

  Web Remote Workplace Doesn't Work with Internet Explorer - IE 8  

Dec, 09 2009

  Funny Windows 7 and Chrome Interaction  

Nov, 24 2009

  IE6 and IE7 vulnerable to latest flaw; IE8 immune  

Jul, 23 2009

  Denial of Service Attacks  

Oct, 23 2009

  New Microsoft Vulnerability Blacklisted by Firefox  

Oct, 19 2009

  New Vulnerabilities That Concern YOU!  

Aug, 01 2009

  Adobe Product Fixes Available Now  

Jul, 27 2009

  Critical Exploit Found in Adobe Products  

Jul, 08 2009

  Cyber Security And Your Family  

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Century City IT Consulting and IT Support

Century City IT Support and Century City IT Consulting Coverage Map

Companies located in Century City have specific needs for their IT networks. Many of our clients in this area are investment firms, law firms, PR companies, and consulting firms. We cater to their need for expedient remote and/or on-site computer and IT consulting. TTIG helpdesk IT services combined with our data protection and network protection tools make us experts at delivering a complete IT Solution for our clients.

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Backup Solutions

The TTIG managed backup solution is a safety net on steroids, providing daily motoring and confirmation of the integrity and safety of all data under management. Step into controlled environment of TTIG Disaster Recovery and Data Redundancy Planning.

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Security Solutions

In today's world of data vulnerability, we provide your organization with the best security practices, continuous risk assessments and even managed security monitoring when necessary. Our approach is comprehensive, our solutions increase security. Control Your Data!

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We centralize our IT Management Process to ensure complete situational awareness through continuous client communication, network monitoring, alerting, and preventative network maintenance. Managed services allow for reduction of downtime through a highly proactive

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