Burbank IT Consulting and IT Support

Burbank IT Support and Burbank IT Consulting Coverage MapIT Support service and IT consulting service is the core competency that we work on perfecting on a continuous basis. TTIG has for years been focused on producing internal system that allow us to deliver to our clients in Burbank and the surrounding areas constant monitoring of the IT network, virus protection, and data protection – all in a centralized manner. This comprehensive approach allows clients to receive instantaneous IT Helpdesk support and proactive monitoring.

TTIG Spotlight: Hosted Server and Remote Desktop Environment

Benefits: Hosted Server Services

The Tech Info Group is a leader in hosting, configuring, and administering various hosted environment infrastructures. Our ability to deliver a stable, blazing fast, and redundant work environment for corporate networks has allowed our clients to breathe easy about the reliability of their networks.


Citrix. Using Centralization Features of Citrix, a leading Remote Services and Hosting platform, your organization can utilize our expertise to boost your operational effectiveness in areas of security, interoperability, greater access and control.

Azure. Azure provides our clients advanced storage, Virtual Machine, Mobile and App hosting. These powerful tools integrated with our computer network Engineering skills can greatly increase the value of the IT network for your company as it does for many of our clients.

Functionality: Remote Desktop Environment

Using the vast resources of centralized remote desktop environment, our clients enjoy the expanded usability of their IT system. These capabilities allow not just better performance of various operational departments within their organizations, but they also derive a true competitive advantage in the marketplace through their IT Network’s flexibility. Here are some of the advantages of Remote Desktop environments:

  • Enables Users to Bring Your Own Device (BYO)
  • Anywhere Access – Increase Employee Productivity
  • Centralization – Protect Sensitive Information
  • Reduce Cost and Complexity of Application and Desktop Management
  • Greater Control of Access and Security
  • Better Integration of Applications
  • Better Inter- and Intra- Department Workflow
  • Mobile Device Integration
  • SQL Database Hosting