Is Your Company ready for a Computer Failure?

According to IT support professionals, computer threats, whether they are the result of a physical/network malfunction or a cyber hacker, are real threats that must be properly addressed by companies. Unfortunately though, while research states that many businesses will suffer from a computer or IT disaster, countless numbers of companies do not have adequate emergency plans in place to deal with this problem.  Unfortunately, the cost of not having a recovery plan in place is enormous.  In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates over 40 percent of businesses never reopen following a disaster.
Thus, while disaster recovery plans may not be a day-to-day priority for businesses, IT consulting professionals believe that back-up and restore plans should be created before an actual disaster strikes.  In this way, valuable company data can be protected and restored when there is a system failure.

Do not Give One Person the Task of Backing up Data

While company personnel may initially think they are being efficient in assigning the data back-up task to one specific person, IT consulting professionals state that this plan is not an intelligent one.  After all, what happens to this plan if the person is ill, away on vacation or changes positions?

Have a Specific Plan in Place

Above all else, your company should definitely have a disaster recovery plan in place. Do not wait for an IT disaster before implementing this type of plan.  Start now while you can still have control and protect your company’s valuable information.

Have a Communication Strategy

Make a plan about how you will communicate any disaster and its affects to your employees, clients, and/or customers.

Consider Hiring an IT Consulting Company

An IT Consulting Company can advise you of all the storage and recovery options available to you.  They are extremely experienced in this field and in turn, can offer you effective solutions in a highly efficient manner.  Of course, make certain that the chosen IT consulting company is an experienced one with a proven track record.

Keep Your Technology Updated

Remember to always update your technology with the appropriate security patches as they become available.  Otherwise, your system can be extremely vulnerable to the latest viruses, worms, and other related threats.

Remember to Test Your Plan

While it is great to have a plan in place, this plan will be completely irrelevant if it is not effective.  According to IT consulting professionals, a good rule of thumb is to test your recovery plan at least once a year and also every time you make a major change within your system.