How Internet Monitoring Tools Impact Work Environments

More and more often we are seeing companies using Internet monitoring tools to track employees productivity level. Internet monitoring tools or web tracking software is software that watches and records many of the employee activities that go on during their time at work. The software keeps track of a number of session characteristics such as website visitation, length of time on such websites, keystrokes, email content, audio and video activity and much more. Many employees do not know that their actions are being monitored or tracked. However, some employers do provide their workers with warning letters that explain that they will engage in this practice. Employees are warned that any of the content that they receive or send may be monitored. They then have the opportunity to ensure that they do not receive anything that is harmful or send anything that is private for the business’ reputation.

employee under observation

Pros and Cons of Internet Monitoring

Internet tracking software has some advantages and disadvantages. The software can definitely protect the company’s best practices, but employees may not understand that such software can protect them, as well. The employers can take the knowledge that they learn about the product and explain the benefits that it can offer the employees and the company. For example, they can discuss the following pros:

  • – Time-Saving
  • – Increase Employee’s Productivity
  • – Avoiding Harmful Sites

Even after discussing the advantages of using internet monitoring tools, employees may not understand. They may feel like the company is watching them at all time and that there is no trust between employer and employees. The last thing you want is for employees to feel undervalued. You want employees to work at their best level, and making them feel valued and appreciated in a great work environment has proven to be effective in increasing production levels. Make sure to discuss the following with employees before implementing an internet monitoring tool:

  • – Employer and employee relationship
  • – Work culture
  • – Trust

One benefit that Internet tracking software can provide to employees is a sense of security when they are on the road. GPS tracking for drivers, for example, would alert the employer if anything happened to the employee while on the road. The tracking device would pick up on a setback, and the employer would be able to immediately  ping the employees location. The software can also protect the employee in the case of email or telephone disputes. The software could help to keep the employees’ minds on the right tracks, as well. It can help prevent visiting social media accounts for long term periods and save that employee from being fired.

Internet Monitoring Tools

The monitoring programs come with a suite of tools that can benefit businesses and employees greatly. Three of the most popular tools are email monitoring, payroll tools and project management. Project management offers features such as activity level monitoring and attendance scheduling. Payroll tools offer features such as an online time sheet and automatic payroll. Each of the features has a dedicated support staff that can help the user to understand how to operate it.

If you are a business owner who wants to introduce it to your employees, you can present it as a software that will secure the company. Your employees will most likely appreciate you for thinking of their welfare, and your caring approach will prevent putting them on the defensive about the software. The objective is for employees to feel safe, valued, and protected.