Real Estate Industry

As a company in the Real Estate Industry we understand your needs for top notch technology service to effectively run your business with the many different facets that real estate requires.We are experts in setting up reliable and secure infrastructures that require several agents/employees needing to access critical information with minimal down time. We also understand the need to lower and reduce your overhead by creating cost effective solutions to run your technology needs in an efficient manner. This can consist of a hosted email server that will allow your employees to send emails without the fear of causing harm to the server, an integrated shared calendar so your employees can see each others appointments and TTIG coming to and conducting an employee training symposiums to educate even the most unknowledgeable employee on best practices.

We can also set up a virtual private network (VPN) that will allow your employees to work from anywhere outside the office without the fear of infecting the server or slowing down work production time.