Internet Based Companies

internetbasedbusinessThe Tech Info Group understands that your Internet Based Company is dependant upon maximum uptime and every minute your system is down could be critical to your business. We offer the following services to ensure you success:

Website & Graphic Design

We have significant experience creating, designing, and implementing websites from large full scale projects to small 1-2 page landing sites. We have the resources and creative experience to bring any vision to life. All project management quality assurance is handled in house to maintain the highest standards in website development.

Web Application Development

TTIG delivers project planning, project management, project oversight, and critical points of failure testing, as well as final delivery testing of medium to large scale application development process. Our ability and experience to deliver applications that adhere to specifications is only half the story. The real value creation comes from our understanding that initial specifications are usually not well enough thought-out. We assist clients in delving deep into the process well before any programming begins. This allows clients to save a significant amount of time and money in building their applications.

eCommerce Integration and Management

eCommerce has changed how purchases are made, because of the convenience and ease of use it provides. When it comes to business-to-business eCommerce, integration between the store and the applications of the buyers and suppliers is vital to the success of the operation and often essential for a complete and seamless shopping experience. TTIG facilitates the business-to-business connections on both the customer and the supplier side of an eStore. It works across multiple standards, protocols and applications, so you can improve the experience and your revenues. TTIG can implement and integrate E-Commerce into your website and manage this software for you.

Internet Connectivity Management

We’ll set you up on DSL, Cable, or stabilize you on a T1 or Super T complete with whatever is needed to connect your devices through routers, splitters, etc. Never worry again about internet connections going down and having to call an 800 customer service number without really knowing what the issue is. We will manage all of your connectivity and ensure you the highest uptime possible.

Network Installation

Proper network installation is best left to the pros. Although the average businessperson is more tech-savvy today than in the past, it takes a team of highly experienced, well trained IT professionals to successfully install an intricate network. The staff at TTIG are constantly being educated on the latest technology, products and network installation practices. We provide an ongoing comprehensive training program for our technicians to ensure that our staff is up to speed on the latest technological advancements and services. You’ll also want a secure network computer installation. At some point, every business is faced with data loss due to anything from user error to debilitating viruses to natural disasters.

You cannot afford to lose the business-critical information that your company thrives on. Companies that experience extensive data loss don’t survive, and your business is no exception. The documents and communications within your computer are not completely safe even after hitting the “save” button. Network installation by TTIG ensures your entire infrastructure is as safe and as fail proof as possible, with technicians available 24/7 to monitor and track your data and answer your questions. We can also recommend additional solutions that will further secure your network like server mirroring, migration and hosting, completely transitioning your architecture to a working infrastructure.

Our network installation professionals come with a proven track record, an enduring commitment to customer satisfaction, and the expertise your business needs. Plus, the excellent reputation we have in the computer network industry is spreading. Many of our new customers are referrals from satisfied clients! We build relationships, understand your business process and manage your network installation seamlessly.

VOIP Implementation and Management

Voice Over Internet Protocol phones are an incredible cost saving solution for your business. VOIP allows for limitless possibilities such as extension dialing to an unlimited amount of remote offices and soft phones that can allow your employees to have access to company extensions.

Office Equipment Management and Repair

Being experts in technology we offer clients our expertise when it comes to office equipment purchasing, maintenance, and repair. We can negotiate better leasing and buying rates, and save you the headache of dealing with faulty equipment breakdowns and repairs

Google Services

Our extensive experience with a wide range of Google products will assist your organization in transitioning to and/or optimizing your organization to perform effeciently and effectivelly. A wide range of benifits, from cost savings to more sales, are to be found as a result of integrating these services into your organization. Our ability to optimize and give you our time tested advice on the following products will allow your organization to be more competitive in the market place:


  • Google AdWords
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Google Drive
  • Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites)
  • Google Mail (Gmail)
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Apps (Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Checkout
  • Google Geospatial Solutions
  • Google Local Business Center
  • Google Enterprise Search Solutions
  • Google Base
  • Google Webmaster Central
  • Google Website Optimizer
  • Google Postini Services
  • Google Site Search
  • Google Friend Connect

Not only can we design and build you a start of the art website that will allow your company to thrive in the ever growing cyberspace but your company will be protected from Malware and other virus and spyware that can harm and slow down your server which will interfere with your employees’ productivity.The Tech Info Group can also use preventative protection to detect Malware, Spyware and viruses before they are categorized and prevent an outbreak from occurring on your network and protect all of your client’s information.