Are Cell Phones a Security Risk to the Workplace?

cell phone at workThe dramatic development of mobile technology has presented both great benefits at the workplace and equally great security risks. More important data hangs in our hand held devices and for the sake of everyone in the workplace, cell phone security can’t be glossed over.


According to data collected by Breach Level Index, there were 1,023,108,267 records breached in the year 2014 alone. An investigation by Consumer Reports revealed that 5.2 million smartphones were stolen or lost in the same year. According to Skycure, just about a quarter of all cell phones are threatened in some way every single month of the year. These statistics make the need to prioritize cell phone security, even more at the workplace.

The implications of these disturbing cell phone statistics make the need for urgency perfectly clear. As mobile technology integration begins to penetrate more industries on a deeper level than before, there needs to be a thorough effort on the part of business owners and their employees to ensure that cell phone security is kept airtight at all times.

Communication Hijacking

Any mobile device with Wi-Fi capability can have their communication hacked by a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack that decrypts their cellular data transmission.


Physical Theft

There should be a strict policy against ever leaving any phones unattended in the workplace. As if the the risks of phones being remotely compromised by malicious coding wasn’t already bad enough, the physical nature of a phone makes the job of thieves even easier.

Lightweight and built for portability, cell phones will be a zero-difficulty target for any hacker who’s invested a bit of time into building up their pick-pocketing skills. Once its in the hands of thief, breaking through the lock and password is child’s pay for the savvy mobile data attacker.

Physical theft and data transmission interception are just a couple of the most pressing things that all members of the team in the workplace should be aware of at all times. Even if these threats might not seem immediately apparent, preparing as though they’re an inevitability is far wiser than failing to prepare for them at all. No one wakes up planning to have their cellular data or cell phone stolen, so it pays for the entire workplace to make a habit of staying ahead of the curve.