Benefits of Working Remotely

work remotely

The internet has brought advances to the workforce and employers since its inception. Along with increasing mobility for employees, the internet helps employers encourage higher rates of morale within the workplace environment. In this article, we have curated a list of benefits that come with utilizing remote workers in your business as well as methods to monitor and track the remote employees.


Higher Levels of Efficiency and Productivity

Giving workers more freedom to work when they feel most productive will churn out better quality work at a faster pace. The higher quality work comes from an environment with fewer distractions where workers can focus on the task at hand instead of being forced to commute through traffic, work for 8 hours regardless of productivity, and return home. When workers are given specific duties to complete in their own time, they tend to complete it on a timely manner.

Lower Overhead Costs

Purchasing real estate is an expensive task. The cost of travel as throughout the year can be expensive for employees as well. Utilizing a remote work option can cut hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year! For example, American Express reported annual savings of $10 to $15 million dollars due to incorporating a remote worker option. You could use these savings to expand your business or fill more orders; killing two birds with one stone!

Capture the Younger Workforce

As millennials continue to enter the job market, their desires to work remotely exceed any previous generation. At an astonishing 68%, the younger generation desires to work remotely and prefer employers to have a remote location option as part of their contracts. Employing the minds of the future can lead your business to generate new ideas and higher revenues!


The benefits for employers align with the benefits for employees. As Sam Walton, founder of Walmart once said, “Individuals don’t win, teams do.” When you create a happy workplace for your employees, you will garner more success in your business.

Better Work-Life Balance

When workers avoid commuting in the morning and evening, they spend more time focusing on their job. They no longer stress before and after work, providing your company with clear ideas and higher levels of productivity. Allowing your employees to balance their lives with work will boost morale and attract higher quality workers to your business.

Time Clock Software

In order to understand how your employees are allocating your time, consider purchasing time clock software. These applications allow you to monitor clock ins and clock outs, break time, and a variety of other time management tools that make your responsibilities as a business owner easier.

Your business deserves to prosper. Consider utilizing remote work options in order to push your profits to the next level.