Why Chrome OS Will Dominate the Market

 In a world where operating system loyalties run deep, there seems to little love recently for Google’s Chrome OS among power-users and IT consulting groups. Some have said that it is overly ambitions while others call it a complete failure. Those who recognize the changing nature of computing and mobile devices, however, have not given up on Chrome OS yet. More importantly, the operating system’s developer seems to have full faith in the future of the platform.  

What is Chrome OS

For those failing to follow the current shift to cloud computing technologies, Chrome OS represents a paradigm change for the computing industry. Whereas most operating systems rely on installed applications stored on a local hard drive, Google’s innovative product is designed to work entirely off applications running in the Chrome web browser. 
This makes every application far more accessible while creating a common functionality among all computer devices, mobile and not. For example, a user enjoying their favorite Chrome OS game on their desktop computer has the ability to get on a bus and continue the same adventure on their tablet. Meanwhile, the businessman a seat over who has forgotten to send a document can borrow the tablet, log into his Google Docs account through the Chrome OS app and complete the task.  

Chrome OS’ Bright Future

The browsers of a decade ago would have made just such a proposition laughable. However, the new add-on, extension and application friendly browsers have made the software, once solely for the purpose of perusing the internet, far more versatile. More importantly, the most platforms that users take advantage of are now entirely online. This includes banking and financial applications, many games, social networking, video and music entertainment, document creation and more. 
For this reason, Rajen Sheth, Google’s Product Manager of Chrome for Business, has explained that the company believes in the vision of a world where you can instantly access all your information and applications regardless of which or who’s device you are using. In such a world, the nature of computing becomes far simpler, allowing users to use a familiar platform on all devices without wasting time and resources on installations, learning curves and extensive IT support.
While it continues to be denigrated by many short-sighted professionals, Chrome OS will undoubtedly play a large role in the future of computing. As more users recognize it potential, as well as its importance in the transition to a semantic web, Chrome will earn the love of the technology community.