Should Small Businesses use Cloud Computing?

Without a doubt, cloud computing is becoming increasingly more popular. In fact, leading IT Support firms project that the market for Cloud Computing will grow at an annual rate of 21.6% to become an almost $30 billion market by the year 2014. As such, many small businesses are choosing to replace their traditional IT infrastructure with cloud computing solutions.  That said, some companies may choose not to implement a cloud computing solution as they erroneously think that cloud computing is not secure.  However, this reasoning is completely flawed as cloud computing solutions are no less secure than other types of IT infrastructure.

Why the Switch to Cloud Computing?

While there are many reasons for small businesses to consider the switch to cloud computing, some of these motives include the ability to:
  • Access a Variety of Applications

Cloud Computing provides small businesses with access to a wide net of different applications. For example, small businesses can access customer relationship software, accounting programs, video conferencing and other business tools via the cloud.  Thus, while many small businesses previously paid heavy licensing fees, today these same businesses can cost-effectively obtain these services via a cloud solution.
  • Readily Scale to Suit Changing Business Needs

Cloud Computing is extremely scalable; in fact, regardless of the size of your business, a cloud computing solution can surely be found. Moreover, as your business will now no longer require a cumbersome and costly hardware installation, it is a relatively simple endeavor to add more capacity when required.  In addition, with a cloud solution, there is no need to buy more servers when additional capacity is needed.
  • Allow Employees To Access Work Anywhere/Anytime

Due to the flexible nature of cloud computing, work information can be accessed from virtual locations. As more and more employees ‘telecommute’ to work, this feature becomes increasingly important. Additionally, small businesses with plans to expand geographically will appreciate this advantage as well.
  • Provide an Affordable Option

Without a doubt, cloud computing solutions can save small businesses a significant amount of money. For instance, while traditional IT infrastructure comes with large installation costs and expensive yearly updates, cloud computing solutions are available at a fraction of this cost. A predictable small monthly fee is definitely a pleasant alternative to those large upfront costs.
  • Offer a Green Computing Solution

While often overlooked by business decision-makers, cloud computing offers many positive environmental benefits. Cloud computing uses less energy than traditional server rooms; further, as more businesses switch to cloud computing, less resource intensive hardware is needed. Any green-minded business should definitely consider these facts when deciding to make the switch to cloud computing. After all, the collective benefit that will result from millions of small businesses switching to cloud computing is immense and will have far reaching effects.
Overall, making the business decision to switch to cloud computing is ultimately a choice unique to each small business owner. However, as cloud computing boasts of a number of business benefits, one can readily determine why cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular.