IT Consulting Tip: Why Your Business Should Take Security Seriously

In today’s business world, IT support consultants stress the importance of protecting your company from potential online threats. After all, in the last five years alone, US federal auditors noted that the number of online security breaches grew from 5,503 in the year 2006 to well over 41,770 in 2010.  A more specific example, when Sony’s PlayStation Network was recently hacked, the personal details regarding 90,000 customers were exposed.

That said, protecting your organization against these types of attacks has become an involved and complex task.  After all, internal security issues, external hacker attacks, and other online abuse can cause significant problems for businesses with respect to both time and money.

IT Services Security Breaches Cause Significant Problems

Imagine going into your place of business one day – only to discover that your company’s IT equipment has been hacked.  Moreover, all of your vital information regarding your finances, clients, employee files, and other confidential material has also been leaked to the media for them to use as they so wish.

As a direct result, you not only lose time and money trying to rectifying the situation, but current and potential customers will see your company as a security risk and may choose to conduct business with another company.  While this hacking incident may sound like an extreme one, do not think that it cannot happen to your business.

IT Support Consultants Recommend Taking Precautions

It is extremely important for your business to take the necessary precautions when it comes to online security. In addition, if your business is on the smaller side, do not be so misguided to think that your company is not at risk.  According to Symantec, an astounding forty percent of all online attacks happen to businesses with fewer than 500 employees.  As a corollary, only twenty-eight percent of these types of attacks are focused on larger organizations.  Moreover, while there are some hackers that will target your company specifically for personal reasons, in many cases, individuals may choose to hack your business on a purely random basis.

An Attack Can Destroy Your Company’s Reputation

As mentioned previously, if your business happens to become a cyber attack victim, the results can be disastrous to your company’s image.  For instance, if a hacker leaks confidential information about your company, this situation can spell disaster for your company. However, since there are ways to help protect your important business data, it is best that you utilise these tools to their full advantage.

Thus, it is extremely important to undertake certain preventative measures so that your business will be ready when/if such an unfortunate cyber attack occurs.  For example, if you have a small business, you should purchase software that is well-known for its security features.  Moreover, you should ensure that your business uses the most up-to-date anti-malware software.

Telecommuting Security Issues Must Be Addressed

Of course, with the increasing number of employees choosing to telecommute to work and/or using their own mobile devices for work-related activities, it is vital that you address any security related problems that may result from these types of situation. For instance, to work from a home office, employees tend to use their personal smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers.  Thus, in this situation, any business data is no longer protected via your company’s firewall.   In turn, your important business information will be quite vulnerable.  Further, any confidential business data that may be stored on these aforementioned personal devices is basically a “sitting duck” for hackers – and even for viruses and related threats.

Overall then, as online threats continue to increase; IT Consultants suggest that forward-thinking businesses – both large and small- should keep online security in mind when they implement their strategic IT plans.