Google Chrome Is Fast and Now Has Bookmark Sync and Extensions

In just a bit over a year of being in existence in the public domain, Google Chrome has released four stable versions and has rapidly gained market share, coming close to 5%. Most importantly it has pushed the existing browsers to be faster, sleeker, and more stable. Yesterday’s release of Chrome 4 Stable marks a big leap forward for Google and everyone who wants speed, sleek looks, stable platform, and a lot of extensions to use as productivity tools or just to play with. While Chrome 4 was available with some of these features in the developer and beta channels, the stable release means that the end users can now have a solid and reliable browser.  It performs at a blazing speed, according to most benchmarks, and now has synchronization between multiple computers and over 1500 extensions.

Sync – Chrome 4 Stable allows you to synchronize all of your bookmarks across all of your computers, at work, at home, in your Caribbean vacation home, and of course your nifty netbook. All you need to do is to go to Chrome’s Control drop-down, select Bookmarks Sync and sign in with your gmail account. The rest is an easy walk through to complete the sync. Repeat this on all of your machines and presto, all of your bookmarks are synced.

Extensions – Mozilla Firefox has been at the forefront of the extension revolution. It enabled you to install program right into your browser that can enhance the browsing experience substantially. From having ball game scores always in front of you to helping you find the best deals on anything, extensions are there to help. Now, Chrome 4 brings these powerful tools to us in a faster and more modern platform.