Copper T1 Is One Way To Go, Microwave Wireless Is Another!


Do you need a reliable and steady internet connection? Are you running your office on Voice Over IP (VOIP) phones? Then you have to have a stable T1. At least that used to be the answer. Nowadays there are a few more options out there for business that want more flexibility and more customization based on the way they use their bandwidth.

The problem with the old copper T1 technology is that it is a standard 1.5mb up and 1.5bm down. This hardly meets everyone business’ bandwidth needs. On the other hand paying for more T1s is hardly and efficient solution. Also, if anything goes wrong you are at the mercy of your local “last-mile” telecom provider that provides service to the rest of the city. Fiber is another option and it is blazing fast.  However,  in most places it is simply not available and even when it is available, the current pricing is attractive for very high usage businesses, over 10MB, but not for below that.

There is another option out there, wireless point to point microwave internet. Rooftop to rooftop connections for microwave internet can extend up to 30 miles between each tower. You don’t have to rely on your local telecom for support that is sometimes marginal in quality. The stability and consistency of a microwave traffic is very impressive and rivals that of a T1 when the provider knows what it’s doing. The bandwidth is very flexible and is basically negotiable per location between the buyer and the provider, while the costs are very competitive against the T1 or even fiber in the sub 10mb range.