Bomgar Analysis and Review at TTIG

As it is natural for us to continuously improve our processes and methods of operation, we tend to look at, test, and analyze many different tools that will either further our efficiency goals or not. This time we did a review on Bomgar, a good tool for remote control of desktops, servers, and mobile devices.

Benefits and Features
Bomgar specializes in delivering easy, efficient, multi-platform, remote accessibility for entities that have a lot to lose. Hence, security is a it’s forte. This explains why it’s customer base is in fortune 500 companies, state governments,  national universities, Fortune 500 banks, insurance companies, and of course a large portion of the top IT support companies. You get the idea.

Each licence costs a one-time fee of around $2000. In return, Bomgar provides an IT engineer secure access to the target device within 10 seconds, through either screen sharing or command prompt mode. The later methods allows the engineer to work in the background, a mega benefit for not disrupting work and increasing productivity. This platform allows for support of Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPad, Android, and telnet/ssh devices.

Because this is a hardware device based system, there is a greater proprietary control ability over its security. Bomgar uses 256-bit AES SSL encryption and is the only remote support device to pass Symentec’s Product Penetration Security test.

The trade-off to remote support security is the obvious scalability limit of a hardware based system, thereby driving up costs for large, multi-location entities. That, however, is always the equation and should be well understood by professional IT managers.