Benefits of Using IT Support Company on a Flat Rate

Flat Rate IT Support company

For some reason, the predominant way of hiring and paying an IT Support company seems to be an hourly rate, despite it making much more sense to hire a Flat Rate IT Support company. You simply get better service without any tricks when hiring a flat rate company, and hopefully by the end of this article you’ll agree.

Firstly, it creates a strong incentive towards productivity, instead of stringing out problems to find themselves more work. It’s only natural to turn a one-hour problem into a five-hour problem when it means you’re being paid five times as much, but that leaves you, the company paying the IT Support company for their time, without results for five hours while paying significantly more than you should have to. There’s no reason to pay more for less when the alternative is right in front of you.

It also encourages a culture of doing it right. Having a managed services system will make your life easier, and holding your Flat Rate IT Support company to do a complete checklist of proactive work is dead simple. You know that they’re going to be there, doing the work you hired them for as fast as possible, because to do otherwise risks being replaced by a company with better support. Instead of worrying about hourly wage, they’re concerned with doing the best job possible.

Perhaps most importantly, it means that your network’s stability will be constantly monitored, and that ensures maximum stability. Instead of hiring your IT support for short bursts, you’ll have hired a company that’s working with you constantly, without any expectations of more pay for more work. They’ll do the job they’re hired to do, and get paid exactly what you told them you’d pay. It’s that simple. It’s no different than a salaried position at any job. Instead of promoting time-wasting and procrastination, you’re paying them to be there, all the time, doing their job constantly. It just makes sense.

Replacing your hourly-waged IT support with a flat rate IT support company could be the best thing ever to happen to your business. It replaces a culture of time-taking, part-time work with one of doing it right the first time, and making sure that problems are prevented instead of solved. All of this produces stability for both the client and the support company, and ensures that down times are minimal. Flat rates are simply the best option possible.