Annoying explorer.exe taking up CPU fix

We come across the most annoying issues all the time and have to use a combination of experience and other resources to find a fix. We’ll do our best to post as much of them as possible, but here’s one that we solved just today with the help of a few nifty programs and some flexing of the brain.
Here are the symptoms.

Computer running sluggish, opening task manager you’re seeing explorer.exe taking up 30+% of the CPU, even when you first turn on the machine. Small hint, even if you’re seeing explorer at 20% and the machine is idle, there’s a problem.

So here are some steps that should fix it, remember we’re fixing a general problem – NOT THAT RELATED TO .AVI FILES

1) Grab Process Monitor here

2) Open it up, right click on any explorer.exe line and choose Include ‘explorer.exe’ that should clear the list up a little bit

3) Open up task manager, click processes, click explorer.exe and end the task

3.5) This part you have to do quickly, within task manager, click File>run and type in explorer.exe and quickly switch to process monitor!

4) Look for repeat tasks where the result column has something other than SUCCESS
Right click on that line and click jump to.
Now, make sure you have a backup before you do the next step

Open Task Manager, click Processes, find explorer and end the process.

Now, in Task Manager click File>Run

Type in CMD

Now navigate to the folder of that file and either remove or rename it.

Now click File>Run and type in explorer
Explorer should come up and run without draining that poor CPU.
Enjoy using your computer again!